Welcome Sebastian ‘larsen’ Larsen

Its with great pleasure that we can finally announce that Sebastian ‘larsen’ Larsen, will be taking over the responsibilities as head coach.

Larsen has been helping out the team behind the scenes throughout January, and has now fully been inserted in the role.

We’ve been searching for a long time after the right candidate to relieve Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ Thomsen, allowing him to allocate more time and effort into his role as sports director – and with Larsen we feel confident that we found just that.

We’ve already seen some of the impact he brings, with the team making it to the closed qualifier for IEM Chengdu starting next week – Which is hopefully just the beginning.

The team is currently partcipating in the following tournaments: YaLLa Compass Spring 2024 Contenders, A1 Gaming League Season 8, IceBonus Series #1 and ESEA Advanced Season 48 – With a lot more coming up.

Representing Espionage moving forward:

  • Casper ‘Cabbi’ Jensen
  • Oliver ‘IceBerg’ Berg
  • Oliver ‘kwezz’ Rasmussen
  • Philip ’Lucky’ Ewald
  • Mikkel ‘MistR’ Thomsen
  • Sebastian ‘larsen’ Larsen (Coach)

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